Video of Bloods Only Family picnic in Marion Brian Bears football-Cooks-Marilyn and Delmar Kohl Family


My high school class from 1988 is having our 20 year reunion this weekend and the first of two events was a cocktail party at Fox Sport Grill up on Legacy on Friday evening. My friend Glen Jones came into town Thursday night and he, Tanya and myself went to the party. It was really great to see and catch up with many old friends.

I wrangled a bunch of old friends from Aldridge Elementary together for a picture near the end of the evening. Us Ocelots had an extra year as classmates as Aldridge was the only Plano ISD elementary to have a Sixth grade.

Three pictures follow.

Top Row: Tom Waidzunas, Janice Ellis, Carrie Kyle, Erika Stevenson, Matt Wallace, Nick Olivier

Middle Row: Debbie Stevens, Amy Wimpey, Edie Carter, Melissa Moore, Brian Blood, Shailagh Clarke, Allison Okun, Stephanie Snitzer

Bottom Row: Leslie Adkins, Jennifer Mowery, Kelly Clipp, Tina Brenkus